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The Top 10 Smartwatches Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2    is designed to be more intuitive than other modern smartwatches such as the Apple Watch and the Motorola Motivo. For example; the Apple Watch uses a sliding button as the start/end button and uses the capacitive style of screen-scraping rather than having a rotating bezel. On the other hand; the Motorola Motivo smartwatch has a rounder navigation screen while still using the capacitive mechanism. The Samsung watch; on the other hand; has a much larger rounder navigation screen.


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In addition to these two sizes of the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2; there is also a choice of putting in your choice of strap. There is a large selection of straps including leather; silicone and cotton. One of the most unique features of the watch is the ability to change the strap to match your attire. In addition; for those who like to play sports; there is an athletic strap which is perfect for this device. The design of the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 has an in-built GPS chip along with a lithium ion battery.

This watch offers many health features including the heart rate monitoring as well as the calorie counter. This is coupled with the ability to connect to MMS Pro through Bluetooth or a USB connection to enable you to send images and text alerts to your friends. There is also a Data Save feature that stores all the activities you have been doing on the Samsung Gear icon on the smartwatch.

Samsung has not taken everything out of the original Galaxy Watch Active. Although the interface does not have as many options as the iPhone; it is still an excellent health tracking device. There are apps for fitness; calorie counters and the stress meter. Some apps let you track your heart rate via SMS and some even allow you to log workouts. You can track your workouts via a map or on your wrist; depending on the type of the watch you buy. The only real disadvantage to the original Galaxy Watch Active is that it does not support the AT&T gps program.



Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2

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The Samsung Galaxy Watch Active is a new smartwatch designed by Samsung Electronics. It has a large face-screen which is easy to use and watch text messages; phone calls and weather details. The face-screen of the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active comes with an Intellisense mechanism that senses the two most vital pressure points on your wrist: the upper and lower arm. You can use this pressure sensitive mechanism to control the screen of the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2.

There are two sizes of the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2. There is the one that comes with a one year limited international warranty as well as a one year non-bundled warranty. These come in silver and black colors and are available as part of a two colors package. This means that you get the watch in either a single or double color combination.

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