Not Officially Released, Windows 10 20H2 Get Update KB4579311 For Insiders

Not Officially Released, Windows 10 20H2 Get Update KB4579311 For Insiders

Unfortunately, the news and estimates that Windows 10 20H2 or Windows 10 Build 19042 will be released to coincide with Patch Tuesday seems to have missed estimates. Where today, the latest version of Windows 10 is still not officially released by Microsoft to be present on Channel Stable.

But apart from that, today Microsoft released the KB4579311 update for those users who are already using Windows 10 20H2, be it the Insider Beta Channel, Release Preview, or those who are installing via update KB4562830.

installing via update KB4562830.

In this released update, there are several fixes, which include:

KB4579311 update

After obtaining and installing the given KB4579311 update, the OS Build will be 19042,572.

given KB4579311 update

Then when will Windows 10 20H2 be officially released?

Regarding this, unfortunately, there is no official information from Microsoft yet, but if everything goes well, Windows 10 20H2 is expected to come back sometime this week or at the latest sometime in October.

But of course, we shouldn’t expect too much and wait for the update to be released as soon as possible, because Microsoft’s schedule may change, and not all devices will get this new version at the initial release. This can be said to prevent devices with old drivers from having compatibility problems that could make the device not work.

How To Force Update

Until now, switching to Windows Insider Release Preview is the first solution I recommend if you want to use Windows 10 20H2 as soon as possible.

KB4579311 Update Comes Also For Windows 10 2004

In addition to being present for Windows 10 20H2, on a separate page, Microsoft announced that the update is also here for Windows 10 2004 users.

Basically, the improvements given are the same as what has been quoted earlier, all this because indeed Windows 10 2004 and Windows 10 20H2 are slightly different twins, where Windows 10 20H2 is a cumulative update and improvement from Windows 10 2004.

For Windows 10 users 2004 which has received this update, their Windows OS Build will change to 19041,572. In addition, on the release notes page, there are three things Microsoft highlighted, and the following are among them:

OS Build will change to 19041,572

To get this update, whether you are a Windows 10 2004 or Windows 10 20H2 user, you can get it via Windows Update

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