Game Horror Phasmophobia

Game Horror Phasmophobia

A month ago, the game was released on Steam Early Access Phasmophobia. At first glance, this is the most common horror game, except with VR headset support. But in just a few weeks, the project was able to enter the top five most-watched games on Twitch, and IGN dubbed the game a “sensation”. The editor of VGTimes discovered what kind of game it was, what was the secret to its success, and how it was able to amaze gamers who left more than 18 thousand positive reviews on Steam.

What is Phasmophobia?

This is a cooperative horror game that is recommended to be played with a VR headset. This game has no fun when it comes to plot, but you have to agree that going to an abandoned mansion in search of ghosts is an interesting prospect. At the same time, Phasmophobia’s gameplay is not limited to superficial “find and kill”. The creators seem to play with the players fear, skillfully transforming admiration in front of a dark corner, full of danger, with logic puzzles that must be solved to capture otherworldly creatures.

What is Phasmophobia?

The pressure on the soul during the match continues. There is practically no screaming, but there is a feeling of helplessness in the face of danger. Players are constantly kept in good shape with the awareness that weapons (at least until the moment the “ghost essence” is revealed) are completely useless. And what’s left for you is to try to run away, pray to a higher power so as not to get caught, or keep your frightened eyes fixed.

A Little About The Gameplay

Like a real hunter, at your fingertips is a comprehensive set of tools for finding and catching ghosts. Detectors, flashlights, traps, and more. But the main weapon that can save lives is your voice. Yes! The developers pay special attention to this aspect. And now we’re not talking about the ability to communicate with partners, but about integrating voice into game gameplay. And that’s how it works.

A Little About Phasmophobia Gameplay
Phasmophobia Gameplay

For example, while inspecting a location, you meet a ghost who doesn’t show any aggression towards you. However, if you yell out of fear or refer to it by saying the word “key,” it may attack you. Or you can stop the attack by calming the ghost – again in your own words. All of this is very similar to the game Stifled. Where voice integration is also available, and monsters are encountered at every step of the way.¬†

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