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The Top 10 Smartwatches Apple Watch 3 ¬† was put together with the intention of helping consumers decide whether this product is worth the investment. There are many positive comments to this effect; but not all of them can be approved of. It seems that some consumers just don’t understand what all the fuss is about; and therefore dismiss these products with snide remarks. There is no doubt in my mind that these products are fantastic devices. They certainly have much more going for them than many of their predecessors.


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The first noticeable difference in the Apple Watch 3 review is its big bright red digital crown; probably designed as a marketing statement so that people understand you are wearing the new model instead of its previous counterpart; the original apple watch just had a rubber band around the face that slipped off. I am sure that many people did not appreciate this change; but then again it did not need to be explained why it was done. The bright colors were immediately clear; and I have no doubt that this was intentional on the part of Apple. You cannot exactly mistake this device for another heart rate monitor watch; even if the crown is made of the same material as the earlier models.

It is easy to overlook one of the most fundamental aspects of a heart rate watch; the ECG or electro-gastric electric field. This is what helps to keep your pulse rate within a certain range. In this particular review I want to take a moment to highlight how Apple has improved on this technology. For those that are unfamiliar with what an ECG is; let me explain. An ECG or electronic heart rate display shows your pulse rate over time; and these types of displays are based on the human body’s biological functions. They measure the heart rate by transmitting information about the electrical activity of the heart to an attached transducer that measures the signal.



Apple Watch 3

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One of the biggest complaints that I hear from consumers about the older models of watches is that they tended to make many mistakes when monitoring the pulse rates. For instance they would often read the data as being “high” or “low”. Because the ECG was not using the best practices to measure the amount of data being sent; the actual number might be a bit different from the actual number that is displayed. While this might be frustrating to some consumers; the new Apple Watch allows for the quick and easy correction of such errors; allowing for you to get accurate readings every time.

If I had to single out one thing that really makes the Apple Watch series 2 the greatest product that it is; it would definitely have to be the features of the app store. For those that are not familiar with what the app store is all about; it is basically an online marketplace where you can buy and download items directly from a manufacturer’s website. In terms of fitness equipment; this is a great app; especially since most watches now come with some sort of built in pedometer built in. What has really changed though is the level of customization that is possible. With the large variety of watches now on the market; there are hundreds of different workout programs and activities to try.

For those that want to build muscle; the new workout app allows for the transfer of your data between your computer and the watch. This is convenient because you can do your warm ups on your computer; and then use the watch app to do your final set of curls before your actual workout. Overall the Apple Watch Series 2 is designed to be more than just another fitness gadget. By combining the workout app with the impressive features of the screen; the apple watch 3 review has been more than fair in its assessment of this new line of watches.

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