X Series features the Xbox DirectStorage Will In Port To PC Windows 10

A recent news related to the PC Windows 10, Microsoft recently pagesBlog DirectX Developer announced that Direct Storage present on the Xbox Series X apparently planned to be at the ports to the PC Windows 10.

This Of course it’s interesting, considering that this feature is designed to allow developers to create multiple I / O queues which will improvecapabilities loading, data latency, and rendering in the game, in essence there will be a very significant performance increase if this feature is activated.

To take advantage of DirectStorage, Windows 10 PCs must already use high-speed storage, which for now is an NVMe SSD. Why should NVMe, as explained by Microsoft, NVMe is not only an SSD device with a high bandwidth, but also because of the NVMe Queues which is very suitable for a game workload.

“NVMe devices are not only extremely high-bandwidth SSD-based devices, but they also have hardware data access lines, called NVMe queues, that are particularly suitable for game workloads … An NVMe store can have multiple queues, and each queue can contain many requests at once. This fits perfectly with the parallel and stacking nature of modern game workloads, “explained Microsoft.

For now, DirectStorage is still not available on Windows 10 PCs because the current Memory API in Windows is not optimized for the requirements for this feature, but Microsoft is already working with its partners to complete the construction of the DirectStorage API and its supported components, hopefully, this feature will be launched as a Developer Preview for Game Developer for the coming years.

So what do you think? Of course this is a good thing for gamers who have used NVMe SSD Storage as their game storage media, yes, at least for now there is still no improvement, but in the future, the difference in performance will be very pronounced if the API from DirectStorage has been implemented.

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