WD Black SN850 Review

The Top 10 PC Gaming SSD WD Black SN850 for an easy to use and affordable way to back up your music; movies; photographs and games; the built in Blu-ray burner is a must! This powerful laptop can store millions of movies and can take hundreds of gigabytes of photos. Many of these pictures can be transferred onto a hard drive or flash drive. The WD BlackSN 850 can even read; copy and burn audio CDs! The added features and the price make this laptop a great buy for anyone who is looking for a reliable and durable laptop with all the features they need.


Top 10 PC Gaming SSD

The Top 10 Gaming SSD of this month.

The WD BlackSN 850 is one of two such SSDs that are manufactured by Western Digital. It is based on the Caviar Black series which is more than capable of giving users excellent quality photos and videos. It has the ability to work flawlessly in varied working conditions; even under heavy use or extreme temperatures. A WD BlackSN 850 review can be very revealing in terms of showing how this particular SSD works.

Let us first look at some specifications of the WD BlackSN 850 2tb. This particular model features a dual-core Intel i7-ce processor that works with an overclocked AMD Radeon graphics card and two gigabytes of DDR3L memory. It also features an eight-inch widescreen LCD display with full QWERTY keyboard. If you are looking for a compact desktop replacement; you should consider getting this particular model.

The original version of the laptop comes with a dual core processor and a slower processor speed. The upgrade to the m.2 slot gives the BlackSN 850 an advantage over many other laptop varieties. It also comes with two different sized lithium ion batteries; one smaller and one larger. While this may not sound like much; if you do have multiple tasks that need to complete at the same time; you will definitely appreciate having a longer battery life.


WD Black SN850

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In a separate review; this particular model was compared using the PCIE Wireless LAN card along with the optional Wireless LAN adapter card. The results showed that despite the additional hardware; the performance levels were identical to the 980 pro. The WDI ACX Predator allowed the PCIE Wireless LAN card to be detected easily; which means that users will not experience any networking issues.

A separate review compared the BlackSN 850 2tb m.2 laptop with the new Intel i7-ce processor. The test was conducted using the Windows 7 operating system. The test results indicated that the laptop performed very well in all the benchmark tests. It was able to match up to and surpass the performance of the new system. The fact that the old version of the BlackSN 850 had a dual-core processor and a slower processor speed made it a poor choice in comparison to the newer model.

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