War Robots Remastered – The latest version released

War Robots Remastered - The latest version released

War Robots Released Globally

The global release to War Robots Remastered from the Pixonic company MY.GAMES. The latest version of the popular online action game includes modern graphics and performance improvements. Remastered will be the starting point for the further development of the shooter using modern technology.

Creators Redesign Robot

The creators completely redesigned the model of eighty-one robots, one hundred and nine kinds of weapons, and four cards. Improvements have also been made to other details, including special effects and interface elements. The War Robots Remastered team pays special attention to lighting technology. Now the shadows of environmental objects, reflections, and general appearance of combat vehicles are becoming more photorealistic.

The dynamic reflections on the robot case, the chemically bright exhaust from the jet engine, and the gunshot trail in the air – every visual detail in the game has been enhanced. At the same time, the map geometry, the principles of operation of the robots, and other mechanisms familiar to players remain the same.

Creators Redesign Robot

Developers have used a number of technologies which provide great images even on low-performance devices. And your memory and battery resources will be saved. Soon, shooter makers will add selective downloads: owners of high-end devices will be able to download high-quality textures, and the rest will continue to play on the light version of the client.

For War Robots Remastered, five levels of graphic quality have been developed. Three of them, Balanced, High, and Ultra, will appear next year. At a minimum, with a simplified image for weaker devices, and Performance, for better performance, players can use now. Owners of high-end devices now have the opportunity to play War Robots Remastered at a refresh rate of 60 frames per second.

You can download this game now on the App Store and the Google Play digital store. Later, War Robots Remastered will be released in versions of Facebook, Steam, and Amazon.

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