Vivo X60 Pro Small Battery Size

Vivo X60 Pro Small Battery Size

Vivo X60 Pro Small Battery Size. The Vivo X60 Pro despite having a smaller battery compared to competitors who sell the device at about the same price, it can reach SOT around over 5-6 hours for extreme use. This is for long camera use, first play for about 2 hours, watching videos and being active on social media. But if just playing the first non-stop, streaming video with data as well as being active on social media, this device can achieve around 4-5 hours of SOT. It is very difficult for me to get a battery that reaches 6 hours in use like this. Oh yes, the Vivo X60 Pro 120Hz always SOT around 5-6 hours, the Mi 11 always 120Hz can reach 7 hours with more or less the same usage.

I once got a 6-7 hour SOT for this Vivo device. But that is a very frugal use like playing already downloaded Netflix videos, listening to music that has been downloaded from Spotify, taking 1-2 pictures and always using WiFi. But, not sure why if the battery starts to last up to 6-7 hours the device heats up quickly.

For myself, personally I can accept a battery like this. But the reality is, the Vivo should include a larger, more durable battery. Check out the Mi 11 which has a 4600mAh battery, but can last up to over 6 hours SOT. The 33W charger can charge this device in about 1 hour more, but less than two hours. Once you are used to the faster charging system, even 1 hour feels long.

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Great crazy camera with pretty crazy portrait mode.
Crazy videos are stable and can give interesting and creative cinematic effects.
Experience like a native Android that is easy to use and does not feel heavy.
Smooth performance with no severe heating problems.
Premium design, thin and stylish.
The screen of the device is beautiful, bright, smooth and fast enough.


Very weak vibration engine.
Unsatisfactory mono speakers.
The battery is not very durable.

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