Vivo X60 Pro Image Quality

Vivo X60 Pro Image Quality

Vivo X60 Pro Image Quality. Every image result is all beautiful and satisfying. Not forgetting also the fairly fast post -process time. The rear camera portrait mode has many options from Zeiss mode, retro mode and many more. The bokeh effect can also be altered nicely and smoothly. Bokeh can also be adjusted before and after the picture is taken. Then the circular bokeh effect resulting from the exposed light can also be transformed into various other shapes.

Using the camera on this device will not make anyone regret it. It is very good and beautiful. Each image will have a different result according to the mode, filter or other additional visual effects.

Video, on the other hand, still has shortcomings such as a less consistent focus system. But, the video quality is good, nice and quite stable. The colors are also bright and make each shot feel calm to see the result. Yes, a little hot when using the camera – but the results are well worth it.

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If I say the severe vibration engine makes me frustrated using this device, the speakers are another one that makes me feel sad using the Vivo X60 Pro. This device still uses mono speakers. Not understanding what Vivo is trying to think, speakers are not an element worth sacrificing to provide a good user experience.

The mono speakers on this device are quite loud. It is not bored or broken, instead capable of producing good sound. Just because it’s mono, I had to switch holding directions while playing the first one and watching the video-just to make myself feel comfortable. The unbalanced audio makes this device seem like it doesn’t have enough properties. Imagine a cheap Poco X3 NFC, or the latest Redmi Note 10 that starts at RM699 can the manufacturer offer stereo speakers – but the X60 Pro Vivo can’t?

In the absence of a 3.5mm audio jack port, users will be limited to USB-C audio accessories or wireless audio accessories such as TWS. Several times using this device I tethered with Jabra for a better listening experience.

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