Top 10 PC Gaming SSD : WD Blue SN550

The Top 10 PC Gaming SSD WD Blue SN550 is the standard in storage arrays for small; medium and big businesses. With the Blueridge; consumers can now have the ability to easily store and backup their data; allowing for greater peace of mind in the business world. To get an idea of the benefits of having this NAS; let us look at some of the specs it has to offer.


Top 10 PC Gaming SSD

The Top 10 Gaming SSD of this month.

This all-in-one NAS device from Western Digital is a multi-bay storage array that offers four storage drives in addition to its NAS functionality. These include three iSCSI and one i SATA ports for connecting the array to your host computer or network. As the name suggests; the WD Blue SN 550 offers two separate SATA interfaces for dual port storage. This gives users the ability to back up their files on the two different ports and still access their files across the two ports at the same time. With speeds up to 500MBps; this NAS is definitely a top choice for consumers looking for maximum storage space and speed.

Another key feature found on the WD Blue SN 550 is its advanced security features. Unlike other hard drives; the WD Blue SN 550 has a security control module built into the drive that offers PC users a number of different protection options. The WD Blue SN Reddish is equipped with PC encryption that is designed to protect your personal and private information while providing you with high levels of PC performance. This security control module also works to limit the amount of disk activity on your system as well as limiting the amount of booting up and shut down processes taking place on your operating system. You can rest assured knowing that your information and programs are protected and that no one is going to take advantage of your system.



WD Blue SN550

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Like the WD Black SN 750; the WD Blue SN 550 comes in two separate models. The first model comes with a 1TB spindle while the second comes with a 1T BB configuration. When it comes to the size of the hard drive; both devices have fourGB of capacity. When it comes to the speed; both of the drives are extremely fast with a maximum reading speed of 5MBps.

One of the most exciting parts about the new blue version of the WD BlackSN series is that it comes with two removable casters. This allows users to easily remove the hard drive from a computer and transfer it to another without having to undergo complicated procedures. Users can also utilize the casters in order to easily navigate between devices. Many professional users swear by the casters and the amount of usability it provides. The new blue sn 550 has a maximum operating temperature range of 45 degrees Fahrenheit which makes it suitable for all types of computer operations. When it comes to storage devices; consumers need a device that has excellent read/write speeds along with excellent random transfer speeds in order to enjoy competitive performance.

For those who need the highest amount of data protection at a price that is friendly; the WD Blue SN 550 is an excellent choice. This series comes with two hundred thousand hours of warranty so it is a great value. Many computer experts agree that a hard disk with this much warranty is one of the most durable and reliable components that you can purchase. If you want to get the most out of your computer; consider the WD Blue SN 550 today!

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