Top 10 PC Gaming SSD : Samsung 970 EVO Plus

The Top 10 PC Gaming SSD Samsung 970 EVO Plushas been a market leader in enterprise Solid State Drives (SSD) for many years. The evolution of SSDs from traditional PC drives into solid state drives with memory embedded within them has revolutionized the computing world. Today’s leading Solid State Drives (SSD) offer the benefits of a traditional hard disk drive plus the compact size and speed of a tiny solid state drive. Furthermore; modern SSDs have the ability to co-locate with existing PC hardware; greatly enhancing the usability of a computer while opening it up to being able to work with much more software. To this end; most modern desktop and notebook PCs come standard with one or more such drives.


Top 10 PC Gaming SSD

The Top 10 Gaming SSD of this month.

The evolution of flash memory into the primary component of a solid state drive opens up new possibilities for expanding the reach of applications and increasing the speed of applications. The new solid state drives allow for much greater bandwidth per square inch of storage than traditional hard disk drives. Utilizing the advantages of existing technologies; the newest entrants in the enterprise SSD market – the Samsung 970 EVO plus – has some exciting new features. Combining a fast Samsung Polaris based CPU with the high capacity and speed of the new NVMe based flash memory; the new drives are designed to allow for the future of enterprise applications. Here are some of the features that make the new EVO Plus and its predecessors so attractive:

Sequential Write Performance – In a world where power conservation is of utmost importance to IT managers; the new Samsung 970 EVO plus is rated as one of the most efficient desktop based SSDs when it comes to sequential write speeds. The higher speed allows the drives to process a larger amount of information per unit of time. The end result? With less waiting time for data to be written to the system drive; overall system performance is improved; and real time system performance is made possible through the elimination of physical slowdowns.

Random Read Performance – When it comes to random read performance on today’s SSDs; nothing comes close to the new EVO Plus. Current SSDs can handle anywhere from four to eight times the number of read commands processed per second. For any given workload this can translate into significant increases in the amount of time that critical data is accessed. Using Samsung’s new architecture the new EVO yields much better results in terms of raw throughput.

Samsung 970 EVO Plus

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Dual Intel Performance – In the quest for doubling up on speeds; Samsung has teamed up with two of the most recognized names in the SSD realm. The first is the now infamous ADATA corporation. The other is Micron. Together they have created a product that packs a punch in the enterprise storage space. The newest generation of Samsung’s ATEX series of NVMe based enterprise NVMe SSDs employ a powerful multi-chip logic engine to enable them to run at rates of up to 5mbps.

If these rates are not enough to convince you of their new EVO series capabilities; then consider the excellent write capabilities of the newest Samsung 970 EVO plus. While the write speeds of the previous generation may have been great; they were no match for the power of the latest generation. As the new generation of NVMe storage drives gain more popularity in the enterprise market; we will no doubt see an increase in the write speeds of these top of the line NVMe SSDs. This performance puts the newest Samsung 970 EVO plus squarely within reach of the aggressive storage requirements of today’s applications.


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