Top 10 PC Gaming SSD : Sabrent Rocket 4 Plus

The Top 10 PC Gaming SSD Sabrent Rocket 4 Plus is available in both desktop and notebook form. If you are looking for a lightweight; easy to use; expandable storage device; then the Sabrent Rocket IV is for you. For those who enjoy the performance of an optical drive but do not have the room for one; the Sabrent Rocket IV comes with an opt for the ssd card. With the ssd card; your computer can read and write onto the ssd memory card and still maintain formatting on the hard drive. This gives the user the ability to utilize the space that is available but still have the ability to install a OS that they prefer over the one the computer is presently set up to work with.


Top 10 PC Gaming SSD

The Top 10 Gaming SSD of this month.

With the award-winning Sabrent Rocket IV; you get extreme performance. For just over one hundred dollars; you get a top of the range laptop in the planet today. It comes with two internal compartments; one of which is where you can keep the internal drives safely. If that’s not enough storage; then expandable cabling is available through the use of a PCI express card. Two USB ports; eight-volt AC adapter; a full-size mouse; an ultra-soft keyboard; a Dell wireless adapter; an AC adapter; a Gigabit Ethernet card; an international voltage converter; a high-quality sound card; a 500GB hard drive; a high-quality monitor; a high-quality speakers; a wireless router; a high-quality internet card; a high-speed digital camera; a wireless phone; a high-quality video camera; a high-speed data recovery card; a nine-character memory card; a comprehensive diagnostic tool; a Microsoft Windows XP Home Server; a one-year warranty; and complete remote access software.

The Sabrent Rocket IV gives you the power to choose from four standard size drives. Each drive has a different capacity; and because of this; your system will always be ready for you. There are also two different options for expanding your network; the ability to use m.2 2280 HS Memory Cards and a fiber optic expansion port.

As we have mentioned before; there are many benefits to purchasing the Sabrent Rocket IV instead of the new rocket 4.0 ssd model. For starters; the new model has no compatibility with the Sabrent Rocket IV. There are a few systems that are out there with this particular limitation; but for the most part; the Sabrent Rocket IV comes with its own compatibility with a number of different operating systems. When it comes to purchasing a new hard drive; you really want to get one that is going to work with all of your computers. While we will say that the Sabrent Rocket IV is very easy to work with; it is always best to have your old PCies up to date as well.


Sabrent Rocket 4 Plus

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If you want a desktop replacement for your laptop or notebook; the Sabrent Rocket 4 Plus is a great choice. The product line includes four high-performance; high-availability drives in its range. The first two in this series are the Rocket IV and Rocket V. With prices starting at just under a hundred dollars; these desktop replacement laptops provide great value for money.

Next level SSD Sequined for speed; the Sabrent Rocket IV delivers incredible speeds; unparalleled reliability; and a Capacity of 1 TB. Experience a super fast; cooler; and quieter PC. Unleash your imagination with the Sabrent Rocket IV. Revolutionary Speed based on TLC Nand flash memory; its maximum performance rates can reach up to 7ksps (read) and 5ksps (write). Utilizing state-of-the-art chips and the most advanced Solid State Drives (SSD) available today; the Sabrent Rocket IV delivers extreme reliability and performance.


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