Top 10 PC Gaming Cases : Dark Base 700

In this Top 10 PC Gaming Cases Dark Base 700 is a standard mid-tower chassis with built in RealTune II dissipating fans that are perfectly suited to cooling down your system for a truly silent experience. You also get added benefits with the dark base 700 with the bundled charger cable and AC adaptor; such as an automated battery check and fast charge feature.


Top 10 PC Gaming Cases

The Top 10 PC Gaming Cases of this month.

The be quiet! Dark Base 700 keyboard tray is a great addition to any gaming computer; delivering superior performance and unmatched stability for your PC. With its ergonomically-designed keyboard tray; you can optimize the way your keyboard is routed so it’s always in the best position to offer you the ultimate in comfort and support.

Dust: The Dark Base 700 is dust proof and virtually immune to dust build up thanks to its rubber based front plate. This is a huge bonus over many of its competitors that use traditional plastic for their front panels. While dust is easily removed by wiping; it’s best to use a damp cloth or paper towel to gently wipe away any excess. This process won’t damage your keyboard; mouse or if you intend to use it; the sound card itself. A high performing computer is one with a clean room to keep it in.

Keyboard Clearance: The Dark Base 700 has a full sized keyboard tray to make workspace easy and efficient. If you are looking for a sturdy and secure keyboard to use while you are typing; then you won’t find a better keyboard mount to use than the vertical gpu. The keyboard tray locks into place with a lock to prevent any accidental scratching on the sensitive front face of the dark base 700. The locking mechanism also helps to prevent fluid escapes from the front of the enclosure which can cause annoying odors and potentially damaging light ring patterns.


Dark Base 700

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A contoured shape allows you to slide it out of the front bezel of your Dark Base 700 keyboard tray. The contoured design fits snugly into the front bezel; with the rear being crafted from durable rubber for added protection. The beveled silver metal has been enhanced with a sleek black glossy paint that adds to the sleek look of this keyboard. On the front of the front bezel is imprinted a clear glass touch-pad with an easy-to-read controls display. Beneath are two slots for the installation of two USBs as well as Firewire connectivity for connecting up your gaming system to your personal computer.

Thermals: The Dark Base 700 offers two types of Thermals to compliment its unparallel blend of styling and functionality. The first type is the’Silent Thermal Plate’; which has been professionally designed to work with corsair’s award winning range of thermal conductors. These thermals run at a whisper-quiet level so you get true acoustic performances from your keyboard without sacrificing the wow factor. If you want supreme performance but don’t want the distracting sounds of your CPU operating at full blast; the silent thermal plate is the perfect solution.

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