The Wide-angle Lens on the Samsung Galaxy A52

The Wide-angle Lens on the Samsung Galaxy A52

The wide-angle lens on the Samsung Galaxy A52 can extend the perspective of view up to 123 degrees. The reproduction for this lens still shows the effect of distortion with slightly runny details. But it feels like, it can be considered one of the common things that will happen for ultra-wide sensors. Next, there isn’t much to comment on about the macro lens on this device – the results are a bit unsatisfactory with color reproduction on images that look lifeless and details also look lacking in detail.

One more thing, the Samsung Galaxy A52 also comes with a new mode called Fun. This mode can be found through the camera app and an internet connection is required to use it. What makes it interesting is that there are some cute filters provided by Snapchat. All of these filters are actually built directly into the camera app on the Samsung Galaxy A52. In terms of quality, the photo results look better than photos taken using a lens on the Snapchat app.

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The Samsung Galaxy A52 has a battery capacity of 4500mAh. Through it, it shows an increase of 500mAh compared to the offering on the previous Samsung Galaxy A51. More interestingly here, Samsung also includes a charger head that comes directly in the purchase box. Although this smart technology supports fast charging up to 25W.

But unfortunately, the charger provided by Samsung only supports up to 15W only. This means you have to buy a 25W charger separately. With this 4,500mAh battery, the Samsung Galaxy A52 is able to record a good screen on time with a reading of around 8 – 10 hours for all -day use. As always, this will however change depending on the respective usage.


So how? Do you feel it is worth it or not? Personally, I can say what Samsung has to offer this time around is actually quite interesting. There are many improvements provided – they include more creative designs, fresh -looking interior specifications and more.

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