The New Elden Ring Game

The New Elden Ring Game

The Elden Ring is a game that is being developed by independent game developers from around the world and is currently being developed for the PlayStation Vita. This article will discuss game development itself, what it offers, and how to get the game once it is released.


The Elden Ring Game Storyline

First of all, I will explain the story of the game. Beware of some recent “leaks” of Elden Ring from various blogs and game forums. Explaining almost everything from the game’s first trailer to the specifics of the gameplay mechanics.


Still, it gives us an insight into the main plot of the game, which is original and interesting. This film is about two brothers who are orphaned at a young age. To help their mother pay for their school fees a fact that will have a dramatic impact on the storyline, but which you can forget about in seconds if you don’t. didn’t pay attention to it.


The two brothers are also thrown into a fantasy world because of the way the story conflicts are framed. The game takes place in a medieval setting in the Middle Ages. With one brother wearing a magic ring while the other brother wears a regular ring. Only they don’t look or feel like regular rings at all. This is done so that the characters feel more real. And that their own individual strengths and abilities are visible to the player.


As the game’s story progresses, we learn that they are actually siblings. They were both looking for the same magic gemstone known as the Elden Stone. But they had different reasons why they did. One brother went to fight the dragon, the other to make friends. The Elden Stone was located in the middle of the earth. And the story in this game basically centered around them finding this gemstone.

Game Storyline
Game Storyline

The Elden Ring Found

The Elden Ring was found on the Vigrond continent and is hidden somewhere in a cave near the fort known as Dragon’s Ruin. However, as it turned out, it was too much for any of the heroes to handle alone and was also guarded there by the dragon known as Firelord.


In-Game Team Gathering

This means that the player must gather a team, friends, or allies to complete the game. Each player must have one of them use the Elden Ring to travel between map areas using dragon power. And each of these players must be equipped with an elemental wand to make the game more interactive. The objective of the game is to defeat Firelord and also to open the gates to the Elden Stone.


This game does a great job of providing a unique and interesting environment and providing lots of replay value, as players can choose to revisit the game area to find rocks or try to play the story without using the Elden Ring. This game is very well made, with a strong story, fantastic characters, and an interesting plot that will keep you entertained.


However, the graphics and sounds in this game are not very good. Some of the backgrounds look too ordinary, and some of the sound effects are a little mixed up and sometimes don’t match the action on the screen.

ring forge
ring forge


Overall, this game and highly recommended to anyone who is interested in this role-playing game. I can’t wait to see what kind of creative challenges and adventures the next Elden Ring game will present.


Elden Ring will be available for free on the Nintendo Wii Virtual Console in 2020. Check out the game and see if there’s anything you’re looking for.

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