The Garmin Viviactive Review

The Top 10 Smartwatches  The Garmin Viviactive 4  allows you to store some workouts into it so you can retrieve them later. Also if you have more than one computer at home you can save some workouts onto separate memory cards which then enables you to carry on working in peace. The built in wrist watch mode enables you to time your runs, track your calories burned and record your progress. In the event of a low battery life you can still work hard without any worry or concern about whether you are getting the job done. Also with the eight days of batteries life you get you can give the Garmin vivoactive 4s a full working week of training before you need to recharge the batteries. All these features and added extras make the Garmin VOIVOactivity 4s the ultimate workout tool.


Top 10 Smartwatches

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Connectivity Options For the ultimate in technological innovation the Garmin vivoactive 4 comes with a number of handy features. Like other well made fitness watches it allows you to integrate your workout routines with your regular routine using the internet. This means that if you have been working out for half an hour but not sweating at all you can easily check your pulse and heart rate on the Garmin online web portal. In addition the watches work as a pedometer, have a built in GPS, have a built in weight scale and will automatically charge your battery while you are asleep so you won’t ever run out of power when you need it most.

Training Software With the Garmin vivoactive 4 you can build up a personal training program to suit your needs, you can keep track of your total workout by logging in to your personal account and also you can export your workouts and records to an e-mail. The workout log allows you to see your average pace, number of strokes taken, the number of calories burned and also the distance covered during your workouts. This particular app is extremely useful for pool swimming workouts. It allows you to view the details of your last five workouts and see exactly what you were doing when you took them.

Features like the built in workout recorder, pedometer and calories burned are useful but the feature I found extremely helpful was the pulse oximeter. You can set the pulse oximeter on the go so that it is always with you, this makes life so much easier when exercising outdoors especially for people who need to constantly be aware of their pulse rate. You can also set the Garmin vivoactive 4 to monitor your heart rate while you are indoors using the built in transmitter or you can even get one that comes with a chest strap which then enables you to monitor your pulse rate even while you are exercising. These two options enable you to maintain a consistent heart rate throughout your workout and also monitor your heart as you go. So if you are exercising outdoors at the beach you can set the outdoors transmitter on your bike and monitor your pace and intensity whilst you are enjoying your day on the beach.


The Garmin Viviactive 4

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The Garmin Viviactive 4 is an impressive fitness watch for both athletes and regular folks. With a resolution of 400 pixels and the ability to browse over six hundred health and fitness applications it is quite possibly the best health and fitness watch on the market today. Here are some of the highlights of the Garmin Viviactive 4.

Highlights of the vivoactive 4 One of the greatest features of this amazing watch is the fact that it works on both cell phones and PDAs, allowing you to get real time data in addition to monitoring your fitness activities. With a touch sensitive screen and easy to use interface you will never run out of different ways to perform your daily goblet squats. Once you set up your workout playlists on the watch with the appropriate pay tab you can perform an unlimited number of exercises and still not use up the battery like you would with your phone or tablet.

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