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Sphero produces a wide variety of award-winning models. Some are made of plastic and some are made of high-tech metal and fiberglass. Everything is fun and funky. I decided to share with you some of my favorite models that you are sure to enjoy.



One of the models is the Sphero Tracer RC Insect Swarms. This is a small scale model included in the kit. It contains plastic and fiberglass components that allow it to fly and flap its wings in the air. You can control it by attaching the transmitter to its control box and landing it on the ground or other selected location. This model makes a great beginner-friendly model that is about the size of a large postage stamp.

Another model is the Sphero Spiked Flying Bug Aerial Vehicle. This is a larger scale model and comes with a kit too. It has a larger battery and comes with more detailed assembly instructions. The model is about five inches long and about two and a half inches wide. It is very colorful and flies well. The Triceratops RC toy is a giant model. It was about ten inches tall and four and a half inches high. And comes with all the parts needed to assemble it, including the battery and transmitter. It is huge and looks very realistic.



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As mentioned in Youtube, the gadget is made of rounded metal which is very comfortable in the grip of the hand.

The Develops Sphereduck RC Insect Swarms are models that grow as your child develops. Your child must be in control of the remote to trigger the movement. Grows to about five inches when fully grown. It is perfect for both boys and girls. The flying bug is about three and a half inches in size and is equipped with all standard components. Galaxy Force RC Insect Swarms This model comes as a kit. It was about fifteen inches long and three and a half inches high. It contains everything needed to assemble it. This includes flying bug models, bases, antennae, and landing gear. The model also contains an LED light kit to make it look like a real insect.

Galaxy Force II RC Insect Swarms This model uses the same type of technology used in the original to make the flying bug model. It contains the same components but has improved antenna detail. It also contains more antennae to increase the number of flying insects. About eighteen inches in size and wouldn’t grow any smaller than that. All of these models are very realistic. They are painted and finished to give them the appearance of an actual swarm of insects. The assembly is quick and easy to do, and most importantly, a lot of fun. Kids love working with this remote control model, and even adults find it cool.

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