Sniper Elite V2 Game by Rebellion Developments

Sniper Elite V2 Game by Rebellion Developments

Sniper Elite V2 is an action-packed game designed and published by Rebellion Developments in 2020. It is a follow-up to its predecessor, Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army. Which took place at the same time and place, in the Battle of Berlin in May 1945. This game follows the career of British Corporal Harry. Whose job is to defend his comrades and destroy the invading Nazis.

Sniper Elite V2 The Beginnings 

The game begins with Harry entering a small house in England called “The Cottage”. Here he meets Corporal Sarah “CJ” Holmes, who uses a sniper rifle to finish off incoming German soldiers. Harry continues on his mission to infiltrate enemy bases. Once inside, he rescues Corporal Murphy, who also uses a sniper rifle, but ends up losing him to the Nazis.

The Beginnings Sniper Elite
The Beginnings Sniper Elite

Game Options

Players are presented with two mission options in Sniper Elite V2: kill German soldiers and enter their hideouts to take out the soldiers inside. If the player chooses to do one or the other, then he or she is assigned to a specific Sniper Rifle. In each level, Harry Potter must use a shotgun to take down as many soldiers as he can. He can use the binoculars to focus his shot at specific points while aiming at faraway enemies. and can even switch between firing a rifle and launching grenades to help clear enemy rooms.

One of the more interesting parts of the Sniper Elite V2 level design is how different enemies react to the player. Some will flee after being shot. While others will take cover if they are shot but will flee from the player after they are injured. Other enemies, such as zombies. Will only walk past the player but will not attack them if they are unarmed and dangerous.

Each enemy will also have a unique weapon pickup. Most enemies carry pistols, rifles, shotguns, or sniper rifles. Another weapon might be given to Harry as a reward. While another enemy might drop the weapon when they are killed. However, the weapons dropped by players were always the same, so it didn’t matter what weapon the enemy was holding.

Story In Sniper Elite V2

The story of Sniper Elite V2 is quite captivating. Harry goes on a different adventure on his way to save British troops from the Nazis. The story continues as Harry passes through different levels, meeting new allies and enemies. At the end of the game, Harry returns to London where he meets Corporal Murphy and his former teacher. During this time, the player can use the sniper rifle in some cases to finish off the enemy.

Levels In Sniper Elite V2

There are several levels in Sniper Elite V2, but most of the game levels are set in a series of small rooms where there are several enemies to kill. Players can also choose to move through a series of rooms and then fight in open spaces, which makes this game very interesting.

Levels In Sniper Elite
Levels In Sniper Elite


If you enjoy games full of action and adventure, then Sniper Elite V2 is for you. It’s fun, fast-paced, and provides players with an experience like no other, thanks to the graphics and gameplay.

The game’s controls are quite simple and straightforward, even though they seem quite difficult at times. There are various types of weapons, and all of them have a different feel when picking them up, but the main weapon in this game is the sniper rifle.

The scope of this weapon is the scope of the rifle, and the trigger is used to shoot the enemy. The gun has a three-dimensional scope, so it can be easily seen from a distance, so players can see the enemy clearly.

Even though it is a great game, it does have some problems. I find the controls too complicated at times, but overall the game is good and provides a lot of entertainment.

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