The Samsung Galaxy A52 with some pretty wild marketing claims that really don’t add up to much. Samsung is touting the Galaxy A52 as a unique but entertaining smart phone for people on a tight budget who want a phone that’s fun but also functional. Priced at just $appers; it s marketed as a very advanced but simple mobile phone that’s perfect for anyone from the age of five to eighty-five. With this phone; you get a 120 Hz screen; four high-powered cameras; five different capacitive features; two different microSD slots and a slew of connectivity features for less than half the price of the actual Samsung smartphone. That’s a great selling point right there.



On paper; Samsung has made the case that the Samsung Galaxy A52 should be considering a high-end smartphone. The A52 comes equipped with an octa-core processor; 2.5GB of RAM; a nice six mega- pixels screen; a four-megapixel camera with a dual LED flash; a 3.5-inch Super AMOLED capacitive touch screen; and it’s one of the first devices of this new generation to support TFT – Turbo Video Boost. This boosts brightness; contrast; and brightness levels during video playback. Unfortunately; the Samsung A52 doesn’t quite make the grade when it comes to overall performance; even with these powerful features packed into one sleek device.

The device is powered by a quad-core processor; and the Android operating system that comes pre-installed on the Samsung tablet runs smoothly and fluidly on the Samsung A52. Samsung’s decision to use a dual-core processor; instead of a quad core processor like many other tablets have caused this device to be slower to launch apps. This sluggishness becomes more prominent as the device ages. Fortunately; the A52’s ability to outlast other tablet devices on the market helps it to remain price competitive with other devices in the same price point.

As with many other Samsung products; the Galaxy A52 comes with a wide range of customizable options. There are a couple of different home modes on the device; allowing users to choose how they would like their phone to behave when it is not being used. One of these modes; called On Air; simply hibernates the phone when it is not in use. The other mode; called Night Light; enables the screen to turn off; but also turns the Samsung A52 into a bright; colorful; luminous device. It is these extra features that help the A52 distinguish itself from many other tablets on the market. Even if you do not need these extra features; chances are that you could benefit from having them.


Final Verdict

The product has a compact design, and it comes with an internet connection.

One of the best parts of owning a Samsung device is the excellent customer support that is provided. In the case of the Samsung galaxy a52 5g; the excellent customer service extends to the charging and battery life of the product. Although the phone does come with a small LCD screen; the power to let you view it is great. If you use your device often or find that the battery seems to have run out of power more often than it should; it may be time to check out the customer service department and see what kind of help you can receive.

When it comes to watching video; the Samsung Galaxy A52 can outshine the competition. The video quality on this tablet is top notch; as most people will find. There are also quite a few different file formats available on this device; so people looking for something new to shoot or download will have plenty to choose from. The screen is large enough to allow for clear viewing of videos; but at the same time; the screen is not too large that you would have a hard time viewing files on it at home or at work. If you plan on downloading music or pictures from your computer to the tablet; then you will probably find that the device will not come with any memory card readers. It is worth trying to find one; though; as these are useful for loading up images or other media onto the SAMSUNG GALAXY A52.

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