Rode PodMic Microphone Review

Gadget Review for Rode PodMic.

The Rode PodMic is a broadcast quality dynamic microphone that has been optimized for podcasting. It features an all-metal construction and a built-in shockmount. It has a cardioid pattern and a pop filter. Its price tag is only $99, so it’s an excellent buy for the podcasting enthusiast. However, before buying, consider what you’ll be doing with it.


Rode PodMic Microphone

The Rode PodMic has an excellent price and a low price. However, it lacks a pop filter and built-in windscreen. Considering that it costs under $100, this microphone is not a good investment for most people. A few downsides of this microphone include its lack of a windscreen and lack of length. But for podcasters, it’s an excellent option. You can buy it for under $100 and have a quality mic in minutes.

The Rode PodMic’s price is a good starting point for podcasters, as it’s not too expensive. It’s an excellent value for the price, and can accommodate more than one mic. You’ll need to purchase microphone stands separately, which is not included in the price. It’s also worth noting that the PodMic comes with a stand. The Rode XLR-Audio-Interface doesn’t come with one, but will cost you an additional $20 or $30. You can purchase them at Amazon, Walmart, or Focus for $109 each.

The Rode PodMic is also a very versatile podcasting microphone. The top-address design makes it perfect for broadcast. The cardioid polar pattern rejects sounds outside of the mic’s end. You can even talk into this end without having to turn the mic volume down. Additionally, the XLR connection is easily accessible, which prevents it from being a distraction. The internal pop filter helps you avoid noise in your audio while recording.


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The PodMic is an affordable and professional choice. Its SM7B-like omnidirectional earpiece is ideal for broadcast. Its price makes it a great choice for a beginner. The PodMic is also very durable and comes with a three-year warranty. Its dynamic capsule reduces the possibility of sensitivity problems, which can cause damage to a microphone.

Compared to the Procaster, the PodMic is similar to the Procaster in terms of quality. Its omnidirectional design allows it to pick up all of the sounds, including treble, bass, and high-frequency noise. The PodMic has a cardioid polar pattern, which means that it rejects sound from outside the mic’s end. This design also reduces noise from the back and sides, which is important for a podcast.

Despite its low price, the PodMic is a solid microphone. It is lightweight and has an excellent midrange. Its low end has good clarity, and the PodMic’s high end is a decent alternative to the SM7B. The SM7B is a better-priced option for many people. Its sonic quality can also rival that of the SM7B.

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