Remembering Steve Jobs

Remembering Steve Jobs

Remembering Steve Jobs. Apple Inc. has been abandoned by its founder Steve Jobs. He died of pancreatic cancer which he had suffered for a long time. Died at the age of 56, and has taken many by surprise.

I know SJ since the birth of the first generation iPhone in 2007. A phone that I can say futuristic at that time has become real. While other vendors were just focusing on standard handsets that varied models and sound quality, at that time Apple released the first touchscreen handset with a capacitive type. A touch screen that works by sensing the touch of human skin by using its properties that can conduct an electric current. The cellphone model at that time had never occurred to any vendor.

The iPhone has become a mecca for various mobile phone vendors in the world. Being a cracker that changed the dominance order of Nokia which was the best-selling cellphone brand at that time. With various applications that have never been imagined by humans before, it was born starting from the iPhone. Combines music, entertainment, wireless communication, internet based technology communication, and even on the latest generation iPhone 4S you can “chat” with it.

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“Chat” with iPhone

Various futuristic technologies that previously we could only see through various Science Fiction films, have become a reality through Apple products. Take photos and instantly edit them on your cellphone, search for the title of the song you are listening to by just bringing the iPhone “ear” to the music, recording videos in HD quality, even on the iPhone 4S you can type SMS by talking on the handset, checking the weather of the day by asking her, resetting your meeting schedule by ordering it, and searching for her favorite restaurant just by asking her.

Futuristic technology that all originated from the vision of a visionary named Steve Jobs. Without his “crazy” vision, there would be no such sophisticated technologies.

Lastly through this article I would like to express my condolences for the passing of Steve. Because of his work, I can write almost the entire article on this blog using only the iPhone 3Gs. And I hope that I, and more people who die, leaving behind great works, useful, and blessings like him.

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