Redmi Note 10 MIUI 12 Interface

Redmi Note 10 MIUI 12 Interface

Redmi Note 10 MIUI 12 interface. that is similar to iOS is neater and more beautiful. It is neatly arranged, easy to control and operate. The overall use is also easy with many features and functions that were once gimmicks, are now very useful tools. From Game Turbo for starters, the camera app has many filters and a variety of interesting visual effects as well as the ability to interact with other devices such as sharing files much faster.

There is no denying that Xiaomi is trying its best to fix the notification display. Good Mi 11, Redmi Note 10, if MIUI alone there will definitely be notification problems. There are now many modes and types for users to interact with the notification tray. MIUI optimization is also getting better because on flagship devices and mid -range devices it has more or less the same user experience.

There are some functions and features that are limited to the Pro version only, such as Mi Share is not built into the Redmi Note 10 and is limited to using Share Me or Nearby Share only. Then the Redmi Note 10 because it is limited to 60Hz, the system is desperately trying to mimic fast animation transitions as if 120Hz. So this makes scrolling on the Redmi Note 10 screen a little weird. The layout and some elements of MIUI are also slightly different on the regular version, where the regular version is more similar to the old version of MIUI in China.

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The camera on the Pro version is like a “pro” device; which is a camera quad system from a combination of 108MP+8MP+5MP+2MP lens with f/1.9+f/2.2+f/2.4+f/2.4 lens aperture. Not only that, the software Redmi offers various creative modes such as Moving crowd, Oil painting, Star trails and Night mode 2.0. The Pro version also has interesting and satisfying photographic capabilities for middle -class devices in this class. The selfie camera is 16MP with an f/2.45 lens aperture. It is also powered by the Selfie Night Mode artificial intelligence system and a new beauty mode.

48MP+8MP+2MP+2MP is a combination of lenses for the camera quad system in the regular version. It has a lens aperture of f/1.79+f/2.2+f/2.4+f/2.4 and also has several artificial intelligence modes; such as night mode portrait, SkyScaping 3.0 and more. Videography on this device is extremely basic; where there are no creative modes like multiple filter options or Vlog modes, clones and so on. The selfie camera is 13 Megapixel f/2.45 with support for Selfie Night Mode, HDR and a few more.

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