Redmi Note 10 Epic Memory Options

Redmi Note 10 Epic Memory Options

Redmi Note 10 Epic Memory Options. Thankfully, the Redmi offers memory options up to 8GB of RAM and storage of up to 128GB. The storage type is UFS 2.2, which is slightly better than UFS 2.1. The 48MP+8MP+2MP+2MP camera for the regular model seems to be enough, but on the Pro Redmi it has a 108MP+8MP+5MP+2MP lens which is like the Mi Note 10 Lite which is more “lite”.

The sensors are also still the same as both still have infrared sensors, both support IP53 protection for splash proof and both even already in 2021 still include a 3.5mm audio jack port. The Pro has built-in NFC making it easy to use a physical key for two-factor authentication or wireless payments. Security here is a question mark, because from the software there is support for unlocking face scans using a selfie camera. Where blindfolds can be unlocked, wearing a face mask is sometimes possible. This issue is common on regular variations, Pro variations have problems but not often.

Redmi Note 10

A physical fingerprint scanner is included on the side, where this is a good option to offer a faster unlocking process. But by using an AMOLED panel and no fingerprint scanner below the screen, it makes this device look like an old -fashioned Redmi device. Especially for users who do not care much about LCD or AMOLED screens, will feel that Redmi is still Redmi. According to a representative of Xiaomi Malaysia, this is to offer a larger battery and a thinner design.

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Usage Experience

For affordable middle -class devices that use AMOLED screens, of course the screen quality is not as great as the flagship devices sold at multiple prices. But for the Redmi and devices sold at prices ranging from RM699 to RM1099, this is among the best mid -range device screens. Pretty good and bright colors, pretty good OLED black color and gives a pretty great video watching experience. The regular version may be a little annoying because of the thick chin, but because of it the OLED selfie camera is almost invisible behind the dark video.

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