Photos application crashes frequently? Relax Microsoft Will Fix These Problems Soon!

The Photos application in Windows 10 crashes or doesn’t open properly after updating to Windows 10 May 2020 Update (2004), calm down, it seems that Microsoft has now started to provide fixes for the application and the update will be released soon.

As you can see in the image above, the problem occurs when the user wants to open the Photos application instead of opening it completely, this problem is actually an old problem that was reported at the end of last July, but now it turns out that more and more users are experiencing this problem.

“Photos app seems prone to crashing when viewing many images, having multiple photos open at the same time, and leave them open for some time. After a while, a photo window reverts to the photos the main page and a current image is lost (can’t use forward), ” noted a user in the Feedback Hub.

“The photo window opens but stays white / black with no content. Happens randomly and inconsistently, has been going on for weeks, “noted another user.

Fixes Launching Soon!

Regarding fixing the problem with this bug, Microsoft has launched the Photos app v2020.20090.1002.0 for Insider Dev Channel users, and it will certainly not be long until the fix is ​​rolled out to Stable users. So users please be patient until the problem is fixed.





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