Phanteks Enthoo Review

In this Top 10 PC Gaming Cases Phanteks Enthoo Pro II ¬†comes complete with an aluminum front frame made from Corning’s LSP outer surface. But the Pro II also has an ace up its sleeves even before it: a textured; fabric mesh on the front provides for plenty of air flow; which may also be quite appealing to those dual-core enthusiasts out there.


Top 10 PC Gaming Cases

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The Phanteks enthoo pro ii review focuses on the inside of the case. We’ve got a little bit of information to share from the get go. This dual-core case sports a very nice cooling design. At first glance; it seems that two fans are on the rear intakes of the system. Yes; those two fans are what are powering the whole cooler unit inside. Two aluminum finned fans are located on the rear intakes.

Another nice aspect of the Enthoo Pro II is that the case is packaged in a rather nice looking full-tower chassis. The entire thing is packaged in a glossy black box that is both attractive and pretty to look at. We also have a secondary note to make regarding the aesthetics of this system: because of the Phanteks engineering prowess; the mesh back panel included with this desktop liquid cooling case is actually made out of real glass and looks really nice.

From the exterior of this Phanteks Enthoo Pro II Review; we find that the front I/O ports consists of a USB port and an audio port. On the other sides; you’ll find the normal ports you’d expect to see on a PC; including a molex connector; digital 8 port hub and a regular 3 pin plug. The rear includes a regular plastic fan; a set of four mounting screws; and a long cable. Beneath these; you’ll discover the nicely constructed Enthoo 2 Big-Tower Mit Platz F R.


Phanteks Enthoo Pro II

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Inside; the inside of this Phanteks Enthoo Pro II Review has some very nice specs. The inside is equipped with a quad-core Intel Celeron Processor; along with an 8 mega-pin motherboard with a overclocking multiplier. The inside also features a HDD; a PSU; an optical drive; and a full-range stereo sound card. If that isn’t enough; along with the dark base 700 case; Phanteks has also designed the Enthoo 2 with a full-range intake.

Phanteks has provided a lot of flexibility with their first two systems; and this is no different with the phanteks enthoo pro ii. With a large amount of options on this model; it is up to you to determine which of these two options fits you best. With a quad-core processor and a high-end cooling design; this dual-core laptop offers incredible thermal performance. Combined with its large size; along with dual-sided aluminum chute and a full-range sound card; this system might be the one for you. Take a look at this compact gaming laptop in our Phanteks Enthoo Pro II Review.

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