Oppo Find X3 Pro Camera Quality

Oppo Find X3 Pro Camera Quality

Oppo Find X3 Pro Camera Quality. In addition to the strength in the processor capabilities, we feel the camera capabilities also do not disappoint. Oppo doesn’t go to extremes by including the largest sensor and the farthest zoom system. Even does go against the flow when no periscope zoom system is used on the X3 Pro. Instead they risked the ability of wide -angle and ultra -wide -angle cameras to appeal to users.

Both of these lenses use a 50MP Sony IMX766 sensor and therefore when pictures are taken no color differences can be seen. Color differences when moving between lenses are an issue we often hear from consumers especially among photography enthusiasts. Completing the quad-camera specifications are a 13MP telephoto lens and a 3MP micro lens. This gives hybrid zoom technology up to 5X and digital zoom only up to 20X. But on micro lenses, zooming up to 60X can be done from a distance as small as 1 cm. The result is the ability to record the world from a micro point of view that we have never done before.

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Gimmick or NO?

Is it a gimmick? This is for sure but it’s a gimmick that is at least different from the rest not just spinning outdated ideas. Another more practical gimmick is the 10-bit picture mode which takes pictures in HEIF format. For those who want a picture with more dynamic colors (but a little harder to edit) this is a mode that can be used more often.

In synthetic testing the Oppo Find X3 Pro is still not able to challenge the iPhone 12 Pro Max or Galaxy S21 Ultra. But we are lying if we say we can feel the difference between the three devices in terms of smoothness in daily use. Even the Find X3 Pro feels smoother due to the use of a 120Hz screen. Another advantage we noticed was that the heating problem; while taking pictures was not experienced on the X3 Pro even with AI mode enabled.

One issue that exists is that the device gets hotter than usual; when playing high -end graphics players like COD Mobile. It rises to a temperature that makes it less comfortable to hold. The precautionary measure taken is to use a silicone frame that acts as a good thermal insulator.

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