Oppo Find X3 Pro Battery Quality

Oppo Find X3 Pro Battery Quality

Oppo Find X3 Pro Battery Quality. In normal use, we managed to get an SOT of up to 8.5 hours and a usage life of up to 26 hours even when the screen is in 120Hz WQHD+mode. This is an excellent usage life for a battery that is only 4500 mAh. We were unable to do outside testing using LTE simply because the pandemic limited mobility. As usual battery life will be better if the resolution and refresh rate are reduced from the above settings. The battery king for the 2021 flagship device is still the S21 Ultra with SOT exceeding 9 hours.

If the battery runs out though it is not a big issue as the 65W fast charging technology can fill the battery to 100% in about 40 minutes only. There is also wireless and reverse charging. We were unable to perform the wireless test because we did not have an Oppo AirVOOC charger. But the most important statistic is that within 10 minutes, the battery can be charged to 40%.

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Oppo’s third attempt for the Find X series this year was not disappointing. Even without the unusual body -sliding gimmicks like the Find X, it’s still a device that has its own charm. Praise is given to the sexy body design complete with non -extreme bumps. The sloping glass back panel is truly unique and delicious in the palm of your hand. The sad thing is that this is all a bit pointless if covered with a frame. But whatever the force, the frame is now necessary to prevent damage to this glass panel itself and the horse-camera lens used.

A good combination of software and hardware makes no negative things to say about daily use. It is robust, smooth, fast and able to run all installed applications without problems. More praise we give to a camera system that is capable of capturing images with color production that with sharp -looking images. Night mode is also satisfying. The gimmick of the included microscope system is interesting but well you admit it now. How many of you need a microscope in everyday use? Luckily the Find X3 Pro’s two wide -angle and ultra -wide -angle cameras are so good that the shortcomings on the zoom side we can forgive.

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