Oppo A74 5G Network Support

Oppo A74 5G Network Support

Oppo A74 5G Network Support. In a world already beginning to enjoy 5G networks widely, our country will only be expected to be able to use the fastest cellular network by the end of this year. With the launch getting closer, we can see more and more 5G devices being offered in Malaysia at various price tags. From affordable to premium.

The Oppo A74 5G is Oppo’s effort to offer 5G devices in Malaysia at an affordable price. Launched at the end of last April with a price tag of RM1099; it raises the question of whether the entry -level 5G device is worth owning. This brief review tries to answer by touching on the strengths and weaknesses there exist on the Oppo A74 5G


Don’t rub your eyes because the Oppo A74 5G does not spill its design with the OnePlus Nord 10 5G which has been marketed in Malaysia since last March and I have commented before. So in terms of design we don’t have any negative comments. The 6.5 ″ IPS LCD screen comes with satisfactory 90Hz support along with a flat design that as you already know is easier to use than a curved screen.

The color rendering isn’t as great as OLED or AMOLED technology screens but it’s not so bad that we feel it makes the device unusable. The color is a little less pronounced but this is a standard feature on LCD screens. If you have never used an OLED panel, this shortcoming will not go unnoticed. But we have OLED screen devices and no HDR10 support is noticeable especially when streaming Netflix and YouTube content.

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The body is made of rounded metal which is very comfortable in the grip of the hand. It is not shiny making it easier to hold without having to worry about slipping; because it is not as slippery as soap. Although the back panel is made of plastic, it still looks premium because the slope color used looks like metal. Like the side panels, this back panel is not shiny so it does not catch dirt easily.

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