Most Popular Digital Services for Business in Russia

Most Popular Digital Services for Business in Russia

Entrepreneurs named the most popular digital services for business in Russia. The Ministry of Economic Development together with the SME Corporation summed up the results of the all-Russian online survey of entrepreneurs. The research revealed the most relevant trends.

The survey was conducted as part of the creation of a unified digital ecosystem of measures to support the national project “Small and Medium Enterprises and Support for Individual Entrepreneurial Initiatives.” It is supervised by First Deputy Prime Minister Andrei Belousov.

The study examined the needs of entrepreneurs in digital services and their prioritization. As a result, all proposals will be taken into account in the formation of the digital ecosystem of SMEs. The survey involved 13.5 thousand people. Almost a third of the respondents are employ in trade, 8% are engage in the construction business, follow by representatives of the logistics industry and the IT industry: 6% and 5%, respectively.

Deputy Minister of Economic Development Tatiana Ilyushnikova noted that when implementing the national project, they want to ensure that the interaction of entrepreneurs with government agencies becomes barrier-free and convenient.

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SME Digital Platform

The digital technology platform for SMEs will integrate the capabilities of all departments; and development institutions to support entrepreneurs and create equal opportunities for doing business. Among the most popular digital services, entrepreneurs named online interaction with government agencies. It is important for business representatives to receive feedback from the regulatory; and supervisory authorities on the inspections carried out and the available comments.

Lastly for those who plan to open a business; such services as automatic notification of government agencies about the start of activities, online registration of a company and remote account opening are useful.

Further, according to the demand among entrepreneurs, a block relate to the optimization of business processes was name. Access to online financial support measures came in fourth place. Also, entrepreneurs are equally interest in building an educational path and acceleration.

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