Microsoft Starts Promote Edge Chromium In Settings App

Microsoft Starts Promote Edge Chromium In Settings App

After previously reported that Microsoft started offering and promoting Edge Chromium from the Search page on Windows 10, it’s now also reported that Microsoft is starting to display bidding banners in the Windows 10 Settings app.

Reporting from Windows Latest, Promotional banners and Edge Chromium offers are now reportedly only appearing on versions of Windows 10 Home or Pro Insider Preview Build, and only selected Insider users get them.


To offer Edge Chromium, Microsoft added a new section to the Header in the Settings app, where besides Windows Update, there will be a Web Browsing option.

In addition, if the user uses Firefox or Google Chrome, there will be a ‘Restore recommended’ under the provided Web Browsing option, which will display a confirmation to make Edge Chromium the Default browser, and pin the application to the Taskbar and Start Menu.

Settings app

Taskbar and Start Menu

For now, the banner only appears for selected Insider users, but of course, many users will not like the addition of the banner as if Microsoft is forcing users to switch to Edge Chromium.

Besides that, it’s a shame, until now there has been no steps that users can take to remove the promotional banner.

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