Microsoft Releases Bug Fixes In Microsoft Photos App

Microsoft Releases Bug Fixes In Microsoft Photos App

Some time ago , it was reported that the Microsoft Photos app had a crash problem and only displayed a White Screen / Black Screen shortly after the application was opened on some users’ devices.

Regarding this problem, previously Microsoft has released a fix that is brought in version 2020.20090.1002.0 for users who are registered as Insiders. And today, after several weeks have passed, as reported by the Techdows page , now Microsoft has released an update for the Microsoft Photos application in general for all users.

Although there is no official announcement whether this problem has been resolved, with this, users who previously experienced problems with the Photos app, should be able to immediately update via the Microsoft Store, and the problem will be resolved automatically.

To get updates, you only need to enter the Microsoft Store, click on the three dots at the top right of the screen, and click Download and Updates, then please click Check For Updates.

If you haven’t gotten the update, please wait because the update may come too late.

So, have you got the update? has the problem been resolved? please give your opinion and opinion regarding this matter in the comments column below gengs.

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