Microsoft Has Prepared Surface Laptop “Cheap”?

Microsoft Has Prepared Surface Laptop "Cheap"?

Products made by Microsoft are indeed very rarely have a price tag that is “cheap”, even though Microsoft itself is starting to often sell cheap products, for example the Surface Go.

Well, recently there was news that Microsoft is preparing a “Cheap” Surface Laptop codename Sparti. This device is believed to come with a 12.5-inch screen, 4GB RAM, an Intel Core i5 processor (rumored to be using the 10th generation), and very, very small storage for a laptop, which is only 64GB!

This “cheap” Surface Laptop device is reportedly going to be priced at Microsoft with prices starting at $ 500. Although the price of this device is not too cheap, because the Surface Laptop is generally priced at $ 999-2799, then of course the price offered this time is much cheaper than the others.

The latest rumor says that this “cheap” Surface Laptop will be launched along with the line Another new Surface at the Microsoft Surface event which usually takes place in October.

So, for more complete information, let’s just look forward to some time to come.


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