Microsoft Announces New Windows Virtual Desktop Capabilities at Ignite 2020 Event

Microsoft Announces New Windows Virtual Desktop Capabilities at Ignite 2020 Event

Windows Virtual Desktop is a comprehensive desktop virtualization service and applications running in the cloud that enables its customers to securely activate and perform remote work.

Windows Virtual Desktop

Regarding the Windows Virtual Desktop, some time ago Microsoft introduced a new feature at the Ignite Event, where these new capabilities include management and deployment tools, security and compliance enhancements, improved Microsoft Teams client experience, and extended help for cross-stage working frameworks.

ignite even

One of the new capacities that will be coming, is Microsoft Endpoint Manager uphold for Windows 10 multisession, which will furnish IT Admins with the capacity to oversee and secure virtual desktops in the same way as physical devices.

Windows 10 multisession

There is also Azure Monitor, which provides a workbook that will log all relevant monitoring related matters and provides rich visualizations to quickly identify and resolve problems.

Azure Monitor

And lastly is the ability to add application layers from the Azure portal which will help customers quickly onboard applications, where with a few clicks, users will be able to deploy and publish applications for their employees.

windows over power

Some of these capabilities are rumored to be present at the end of this year, although for general home users like us the features mentioned above may not be too used and too over power for us, but of course for companies that implement and use Windows Virtual Desktop, the features mentioned are quite interesting. to use.

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