Microsoft Adds Graphic Card Information to Windows 10 About Settings Page

Besides starting to test the Classic Programs and Features switch with the Settings App in Windows 10, Microsoft also seems to be adding a list of new information to the About Windows page in Settings.

As Rafael Rivera announced via Twitter, in Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 20211 Microsoft added a list of graphics cards to the About Windows page as a test.

Although this is not a big and significant addition, of course, with the graphic card information displayed on the About page, it will make it easier for users to identify their hardware, more or less the appearance as you can see in the image above, under Processor information, there is new information about Graphic Card used by users.

The changes that have been mentioned above, of course for now may not be obtained by all users because it is still under internal Microsoft testing, but once again with this news, you can say that in the future the features of Settings Apps will really improve and are ready to replace the Control Panel.

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