Math application on PC, answer questions with only photos!

The math application is arguably one of the mandatory applications that must be on your smartphone. Especially if you do have weaknesses in this one subject.

Not to ask for math answers, but as a tool for you when you are having trouble doing homework to practice exam preparation.

Currently, there are quite a lot of junior high school, high school, and elementary school math applications that you can find on the internet, although not all of them are of good quality.

Therefore, this time I will give you some recommendations for the best math applications for PCs that you can choose. Check it out!

1. Microsoft Mathematics (Best Mathematics Application for PC)

From several math applications for PC, I think Microsoft’s product called Microsoft Mathematics is still the best to date.

Microsoft Mathematics is useful for solving complex mathematical problems very easily and easily understood by students.

In addition to mathematics, Microsoft Matemathics also provides modules for physics and chemistry too, you know.


2. Calculator for Kids

This one might be more appropriate for those of you who are looking for SD math applications on a PC.

Because Calculator for Kids is nothing more than an ordinary calculator application, it just has an user interface attractive and colorful(UI) that can attract the attention of young children.

Meanwhile, for advanced math topics such as trigonometry, calculus, or others are not provided in this application.


3. Math Editor

A little different, this Math Editor is not an application to answer math problems as offered in the previous two applications.

Because this application only functions to write math problems or as a doodle when calculating.

So, don’t expect you to ask for math answers with this one application!

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