How to Make Applications Compatible on Android Without Root (+ Cause)

How to Make Applications Compatible on Android Without Root (+ Cause)

When you want to open an application, have you ever gotten a notification “your device is not compatible with this version on Android” and finally the application cannot be used? Things like this often happen, and some people will look for ways to make applications compatible so that applications can be used again.

Causes of android Applications There

Incompatible several things that make your Android phone incompatible with some applications. Here are some of the reasons we mean:

Only for Certain Countries

Android applications do not actually belong to Android itself but are developed by several developers from various parts of the world. However, the use of the application still refers to the laws in force in that country. Now, because one country and another has different laws, of course, it makes some applications unusable in some countries.

Fewer Device Specifications

Apart from the Android version, the application must also be supported by device specifications so that it can be used smoothly. Well, some incompatible applications can also be caused by this, namely, the device specifications are not high enough. When the specifications of your cellphone do not match the application, then Google Playstore will immediately notify you that this application cannot be used.

How to Make an Application Compatible with Android

After knowing some of the reasons an application is not compatible, can’t we use the application? The good news is, we can still overcome this problem, here are some ways to make the application compatible on Android that you can do without having to root your Android device. Come see our review.

  1. Download the App according to the OS Version

The first way you can do to fix an incompatible application is to download an application that matches your Android OS version. Can this be done in the Playstore? Of course not, because app stores like Play Store only provide the latest version of apps.

Then where can we download the application that matches our OS version? There are several sites that you can use to download applications like this, namely Aptoide, APKpure, and APKMiror. If you have downloaded the application, but cannot be installed, please activate the install application feature from other sources.

Here are some things you have to do: please go to the settings page, then click security, and the last is Unknow Source. After activating this, please install the application that you downloaded earlier.

  1. Upgrade the OS Version

One of the drawbacks of installing from unknown sources is that the security of the Android system is reduced, this will be dangerous if the application we download is inserted with malware, which ultimately causes our cellphones to have lots of viruses.

Upgrade the OS Version

If you don’t want to use the method above, you can use this second method, namely by upgrading the Android OS version to the latest version or one that matches the incompatible application earlier.

You can do this OS version upgrade yourself, if you don’t know and are afraid your Android is damaged, you can come to your smartphone service center, and ask them to upgrade your Android OS version. This is a very safe way to solve incompatible apps without root on android.

  1. Custom ROM OS

Unfortunately, the option of upgrading the version is sometimes not available for all OS versions, this usually happens on some smartphones that are too old, so they can’t be upgraded anymore. So if you still insist on using the application, and without root, you can try to do a custom ROM on your Android OS.

Some of the custom ROM options that you can use for this are LineageOS, which was formerly called CyanogenMod. But we need to know together that this custom ROM OS method is one way for applications to be forced compatible.

  1. Using a VPN

If the application you want to use cannot because it is not available in Indonesia, then one solution is to install a VPN on your device, then change or set the location to the country that allows access to the application. In this way, you will immediately be able to use the application, without having to bother anymore.

Using a VPN

You need to know, a VPN is actually an application to change the location of the network we use, when using a VPN, people will recognize us as users from other countries, so this method is very effective. Some VPN applications that you can use on your android smartphone are NordVPN, ProtonVPN, Windscribe, and many others.

  1. Changing Cell Phones

There is still one cause that we have not discussed, namely because the device specifications do not support the application we want to use. If you are an expert in disassembling devices, maybe you can customize some of the devices on your cellphone to suit the application.

But if you can’t, the final solution is to replace your cellphone with a higher specification. This is at the same time the easiest solution to solve the problem with the incorrect OS version because new cellphones usually use the latest OS version so you can install any application.

So, those are some ways to make the application compatible with Android without having to root. Apart from the 5 ways that we shared above, you can still use other methods, namely by rooting your smartphone. May be useful.

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