This is how to access video call zoom on LinkedIn which is starting to be integrated

This is how to access video call zoom on LinkedIn which is starting to be integrated

LinkedIn integrates with zoom

Professional application LinkedIn began integrating Zoom’s video call service in its services, after other teleconferencing applications, Microsoft Teams and BlueJeans were already integrated.

Zoom in video call integration feature LinkedIn began to be distributed gradually throughout the country, starting in early October 2020, both on mobile devices and desktop/laptop PCs.

Later, the users LinkedIn can directly switch their conversation from text chat to a video call via the messaging service on LinkedIn.

To do this, users only need to click the video icon next to the message typing field Linkedin.

Within the icon, users will find several teleconferencing application options, such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom, or BlueJeans.

Like using teleconferencing applications in general, where users can also share the meeting link created, and can also schedule meetings.

Service upgrades and updates on LinkedIn this is predicted to encourage millions of potential new users to use the platform.

LinkedIn integrates with zoom

On the other hand, this increase is also a threat to other teleconferencing applications, such as Google Meet.

Merging a number of video call services into LinkedIn it is part of a major overhaul LinkedIn who now wants to focus as a business social media platform.

Previous, LinkedIn has also released a feature that resembles Instagram Stories. UserLinkedIn in the United States and Canada, they can try out the stories feature first starting September 24.

Like on Instagram or Snapchat, stories will only last up to 24 hours. Stories feature claimed LinkedIn will help people who are still working from home stay connected to each other.

LinkedIn also said that stories will be equipped with a “question of the day” feature so that the conversations that take place remain professional.

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