Lian Li Q58 Review

In this Top 10 PC Gaming Cases Lian Li Q58¬†is one that really does deserve a closer look; especially seeing as the price of this particular model is so low. To begin with Rogaine’s formula is easy to follow; the main components are the tower; the case and the motherboard. What makes this model stand out is the colourful LED’s and the neat side mounted fans; these features not only make the PC look good but also helps cool off the central processing unit (CPU) of the machine which will inevitably cause it to overheat.


Top 10 PC Gaming Cases

The Top 10 PC Gaming Cases Lian Li Q58¬† nor the lightest but its got plenty going for it. Firstly we have the fact that the whole thing looks pretty good and finished; and secondly the cooling fans add a great deal to the cooling effort. The cooling fans are located on the back of the PC and help cool the CPU by pulling air through to the internals. There are plenty of small holes for the wires to pass through but when you compare them to the i7 model you can see just how big the gap is. It’s pretty much a standard when it comes to cooling galore and a close second only to the Haswell.

Looking at the Lian Li Q58 gaming review and we see that there are plenty of features and functions packed into this little PC. From the nice touch of the red and black keys on the keyboard to the nice mouse controls; everything seems well put together. When you compare it to other RZ video cards it isn’t too hard to see why the company chose to partner up with ThinkComputers – their hardware and software match up perfectly. If you were to pick up a gaming laptop of this design you’d be getting some serious PC power in any case. The two manufacturers do compete quite well though.

When you look at the specs on the Lian Li Q 1958 gaming laptop review you’ll see that it has an almost complete set of hardware included. On the inside you’ll find a quad core Intel i5 processor; four gigs of ram; a gigabyte hard drive; and a terabyte solid state hard disk. As far as RAM goes; this machine has one gigabyte; which is about all you can get these days. The graphics card is also present but disabled by default; likely due to the low power requirements. The operating system is Windows based and has been designed to scale up nicely with larger programs.


Lian Li Q58

More depth on the 2021 PC Trends. When looking at the display and the touch screen on the laptop it’s easy to see that this machine isn’t designed for high performance gaming. Instead it’s more than adequate for everyday use; including word processing and browsing the web. The problem is that due to the dual core architecture the laptop can only process so much data at any given time. This means that running more programs at once can cause it to slow down to the point where the frame rate will be capped. Thankfully there is a fix available in the form of a quality aftermarket keyboard called the Razer Blackwidow Ultimate.

If you are looking for a gaming laptop that has a strong performance and a large screen; then this is definitely not it. However; if you are looking for a laptop that can be used for basic tasks and that has a beautiful laid back design; then the Lian Li Q58 should be at the top of your list. Out of all the laptops available; this model offers the best overall value. Check out our Lian Li Q58 review for more information now!

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