LG CX OLED Review is now the new OLED leader and its new CX series hits as hard a hit as any TV I have ever tested; its technology is cutting-edge and its price is very close to what it will get in late 2021. That means this is your best buy yet. If you are looking for a TV and want one now; you should consider the CX model from LG. It’s a great television that’s packed with value for money.



The big claim to fame for LG’s CX model is its true contrast performance. There is no other televisions on the market that can boast an edge over LG when it comes to true contrast performance. The OLED screen on the CX offers an almost limitless level of contrast; easily beating even the most powerful plasma TV on the market. This is a fantastic result and it means that you will get a clearer and brighter screen; even in the most lighting conditions possible. No more darker screens ruining your entertainment.

When it comes to size; the LG CX OLED stands out. Compared to the other leading TVs in its price bracket; the CX is actually smaller. This is a great benefit for those of us who want our TVs to fit better into our homes and it also means that there are more screen space available for us to play games and watch TV without having to stretch too much.

One of the best selling points of the LG CX OLED lies in its high definition capabilities. This is truly a magnificent TV that offers true high-def image quality. The result of this process is a sharp; lifelike picture that will really bring home the feeling of watching movies on a plasma screen. While the color range is quite limited when it comes to the US and UK markets (with other countries seeing slightly different color temperatures); there are a few additional options when it comes to viewing your media. The additional “screen modes” allow you to select either Standard; Movie; High Definition; or Virtual Cinema; allowing you to enjoy all your favorite formats of TV programming.


Final Verdict

The product has a compact design, and it comes with an internet connection.

You can even get more from your LG CX OLED than just high definition. The built in OLP (OLT Peak) technology gives you up to two times more light than your average plasma TV. This gives the CX an edge over most televisions for night time sports and movie viewing; so if you like to catch up on your favorite sports teams at night this is a fantastic option. The built in picture processing engine will smooth out the motion resolution; eliminating the streaking that plasma televisions are known for.

LG is definitely one of the biggest names in the television industry; but they also produce some fantastic flat panel TVs. The CX is one of the best and most feature rich choices on the market today; offering features like an built in health and fitness kit; an extreme gaming experience; and a picture quality that cannot be matched by any other brand of TV. With a sleek look; easy to use features; and superior picture quality the LG CX OLED truly is one of the top televisions on the market today. The prices are quite affordable; the features are excellent; and now with the OLP picture quality you never once again have to worry about getting lag or screen burn.

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