The first impression of the new smartphone from Lenovo; the LENOVO CHROMEBOOK DUET is really strong. The smartphone by Lenovo uses the very latest smartphone technology and it offers many features that you will appreciate. The powerful hardware enables this smartphone to run most applications and operating systems like windows mobile. You can also access a large library of apps in this smartphone and it gives you the ability to use it just like a laptop.



The first impression of the Lenovo Chromebook review is that it is really unique. (That actually rhymes). Many rumors have indicated that a tablet similar to a tablet PC was expected for some time now. Actually the latest announcements by the two companies; the two big players in the tablet market; namely Samsung and Apple; have confirmed that a tablet like this is on the way. Chromebooks have been introduced as an affordable alternative to get a fully functional computer unit that can be used for performing work instead of just viewing or reading books.

This device has a full QWERTY keyboard and it looks very professional and sleek. It has a high-end processor; plenty of memory and other modern features. You can connect this smartphone to the internet using either USB or GPRS connections. You can watch movies; listen to music and even take photos using the camera and other modern android apps. The only drawback with this smartphone is that it does not support the google play store.


Final Verdict

The product has a compact design, and it comes with an internet connection.

This review concludes with a LENOVO CHROMEBOOK DUET review concluding that this device is suitable for individuals who travel a lot; individuals who are always on the go; people who like to watch videos; play games; watch movies; listen to music and even use the camera. It has been designed in such a way that it can also be used as a PDA. The android apps support is great but the only thing that could limit the usage of the smartphone is its lack of support for the google play store. But we think that will be able to overcome that with time as android app makers are always working on making their apps compatible with different devices. The screen clarity is very good especially in comparison to some other smartphones in the market. The brightness of the screen is also commendable.

You can easily download all the applications and other files from the Play Store. This is in contrast to the iPhone or iPad which require you to have an internet connection and a cellular contract with a carrier in order to be able to use those applications. As you may know; the iPhone and iPad devices have very large screens and they use high resolution LCD displays. The LCD screen is also susceptible to the dimming of the LED light bulbs. The Lenovo chromebook duet review also concludes that this device has a very nice keyboard as well as a comfortable and lightweight feel to it.

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