Kingston A2000 Review

The Top 10 PC Gaming SSD Kingston A2000 is mostly known for its hard drives like the WD Blackort and Crucial stor. However; they also have other products like the A2500; which has two layers in a single metal casing. So when it comes to a desktop PC; you’ve got two layers; the main one being the standard one; but there is a secondary layer which is made from the 500GB variant of this particular ALCU based drive. If you’re looking to buy one of these machines for your home needs; the standard version is probably going to be sufficient for your requirements. However; if you need a little more space and want to put a few disks in; the secondary version can be your best option.


Top 10 PC Gaming SSD

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Kingston A2000 review – is this a good computer? Well; let’s find out. The Kingston brand is well known for its quality of products; so I’m certain many people are looking for a Kingston product review. Unfortunately; I haven’t seen one yet; so we’ll have to make do with this Kingston A2000 review we have to go on.

Transfer speeds are always going to be important when looking at using this particular product. The difference between the standard SATA hard drive and the new M.2 SSD is that the former can read and write at much higher speeds than the latter; thanks to the extra features that it features. When it comes to the standard SATA hard drives; you are going to struggle when it comes to the write speed; although as we’ve seen with the a2000; it can read and write at very quick speeds; meaning that it can actually be faster when it comes to this aspect than some of the other options out there. It’s all about being able to transfer the files quickly and reliably; and the M.2 SSD is capable of achieving this very quickly.

Another thing to note about the a2000 is the number of bits/verts that can be written to the disk. This is one of the more important benefits of the SSD – as you’ll find out when looking at this ABA list. With the standard hard drives; you are limited to how many bits/verts you can write to the disk; meaning that you will need to either format the disk yourself using nothing but a software program; or that you will have to take some sort of data recovery service to get the job done.

Kingston A2000

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As far as the differences between the two different versions; the ALCU based drive utilises an enhanced version of the SCU (structure cuit) technology which is used in hard disk arrays to create the magnetic storage of the data. The advantage of this is that the device can handle much larger amounts of data with much less power than typical hard disks. Additionally; the ALCU based hard drives also have the advantage of greater endurance and better random performance than their older sister the M.2 SATA SSD. This makes them ideal for running your most demanding applications without having to wait on a slow system or suffer from a host of other complications.

There are two different types of drives in the current market – there is the standard SATA version and then you’ve got the much-anticipated replacement to the old standard; the M.2 SSD. Standard SATA hard drives have been used for many years now; and despite the improvements that have been brought about by the modern drives; they still haven’t managed to gain the level of popularity which they enjoy today. Part of this has been down to their relatively low write speeds. Samsung have however; seen this as an area in which they can push; and so have taken steps to improve their own products through the addition of various additional features and technologies on the Kingston A2000. These features are mainly geared towards increasing the transfer rates; both in terms of data and storage; and so although it’s not generally something that will really help the user out too much; it is something that could ultimately make a big difference.




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