Jovi Assistant on Vivo X60 Pro

Jovi Assistant on Vivo X60 Pro

Jovi Assistant on Vivo X60 Pro. Fans of the Vivo system can still access Jovi Assistant if they don’t want to use Google Discover. Then, the system settings on the device still have the old Funtouch OS elements. Significant differences that change the use of the theme. The ability to customize my savings has also decreased. Fans of Oxygen OS and Pixel will probably appreciate this system if they just want to try out the Vivo technology. But fans who are already familiar with the heavy theme will probably get bored.

Vivo’s distinctive features and functions are also still largely retain in this device. So it won’t make Vivo loyal users feel weird. Just for myself who loves native Android, using this device is quite satisfying. It’s simple, easy and tasteful.

For an update, maybe Vivo developers are already focusing on Origin OS which is heavy with unique widgets and themes. So by using the native Android concept, developing the Funtouch OS operating system and keeping it updated is much easier and faster. This may be the Vivo solution path. Last year, Vivo was among the first brands to come with an Android 11 device. Is that just a gimmick or will Vivo keep keeping the updates well? This is still a mystery. Vivo is not very well know for its fast distribution of updates.

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The Vivo X60 Pro Malaysia camera is similar to the regular Vivo X60 in China, which is a tri-camera setting only. The sensor use is a 48 Megapixel main with 4-axis OIS + closed coil motor. Matched with a 13 Megapixel ultra wide angle sensor that has a viewing angle of 108 degrees and is able to fix distortion problems. Then another 13 Megapixel sensor specifically for portraits with the ability to mimic a 50mm lens. The lens apertures are f/1.79, f/2.2 and f/2.46.

As always, the Vivo camera will be powered with a variety of artificial intelligence modes. But this time it’s closer to realistic and has neater results. Among the exciting modes are an all -new night mode that can record video and take pictures bright enough through Night View, a more detailed human image, pro mode, various portrait modes, various interesting filters and even a cinematic mode for video.

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