Intel 670p Review

The Top 10 PC Gaming SSD Intel 670p ¬†is a simple yet effective tool that provides users with the ability to enhance their current desktop PC or laptops via the installation of new flash-based IntelliSense applications. Industry leading technology and exceptional quality brings today’s PC storage capacities to new levels of performance; delivering high levels of speed and capacities that have never been seen before. To meet today’s growing need for more storage capacity; Intel is developing new components such as the Intel SSDuper motherboard based on its iSCSI target interface standard. This enables Intel based systems to utilize the benefits of ultra-fast single-lane SSDs that are available in the form of Intel SSDuper cards.


Top 10 PC Gaming SSD

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This innovation allows users to enjoy extremely fast data access rates in both read and write operations using the Intel SSDuper card. The ultra-fast interface also provides superior power management solutions; with features such as temperature control; voltage alerts; and real-time performance monitoring. This motherboard also incorporates the iSCSI command solution layer that is designed to support future generations of enterprise based storage devices. A standard ATA port is also present on the rear of the motherboard; providing standard connectivity options to external drives.

In terms of specification; Intel SSDuper has an integrated six-core Intel Ivy Benchmark processor along with two channels – a PCI Express family of two (PCIe) and a SATA Express group of four (SATA) interfaces. The motherboard supports both TRIM and NVM-like queuing schemes that work to maximize utilization of available resources for maximum performance. An interesting addition to this new Crucial Intel 670p family is its capability to run both x2 and dual core workloads on this dual-core Intel SSD.

The Intel 670p comes with two different controllers with one being based on the ATA form and the other on the PCie 4.0 technology. The ATA controllers support up to five devices at one time while the PCie 4.0 on the other hand supports six devices. These controllers allow for true multitasking capability. There are six ports on the Intel SSDuper including four USB 2.0 ports; two eSATA ports and one header. These six ports can be used for data storage; computer video output and audio output all through the motherboard. The PCie 4.0 is capable of supporting up to three independent graphics card while the ATA controller is capable of supporting up to five independent graphics cards.


Intel 670p

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The Crucial Intel 670p also features the Smart Response Technology which is a new feature that works in conjunction with the Thermal Monitor from the Crucial SSD snapshot utility. This feature monitors the thermal environment of the system and allows the system to overclock based on temperature readings. There are also additional features present in this model such as Smart Recovery; Kbd; Error Block Management; ECC recovery and several others. Compared to the 665p; the Intel motherboard is quite a bit faster especially when it comes to multi-core processing.

All the six lanes of the Turbo MSP found on the Intel motherboard are connected via the eSATA port with the support of RealSSD interface. This gives the PC an extended capacity of SATA port that can be further enhanced through the eSSATA II Link. Compared to the older model of the Crucial Intel 670p; the newer model comes with two USB 2.0 ports and one eSATA port. The other interesting addition that is present in this model is the integrated Crucial EMI Solution. This optimizes the thermal envelope of the Crucial Intel 670p and increases the speed of its operation.


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