How to solve Microsoft Office Word 2016 and 2007 has stopped working

Microsoft Office Word sometimes stops working while in use. In order to be reused, follow the steps to overcome Microsoft Office Word 2016 and 2007 has stopped working laptops, PCs and computers provided by the admin below.

Solutions for how to improve Microsoft Office Word / Excel 2016, 2013, 2010 and 2007 has stopped working

As technology has developed, the existence of Microsoft Word is increasingly needed by people of all kinds of professions. But along the way, sometimes problems arise, such as worksheets that stop suddenly. [Also read: How to solve Product Activation Failed in ms word]

Usually, if it is not resolved immediately, other problems will also arise. Even in some cases, Microsoft Word can not be used at all even after trying various ways.

How to Fix Problem Word Has Stopped Working on Microsoft Office 

Usually the reason Microsoft Word has stopped working is because of an outdated version of Office. In addition, add-ins installed can also result in poor Word performance. To fix this, there are several ways you can follow.

1. Insert Word Document into Another File

The appearance of problems with Microsoft Office Word has stopped working is actually common. This is caused by many things, to solve it you can try the following methods.

Open a new Word document. Then click themenu Insert, and look for themenu Object. In other versions the Object menu will appear when we first click themenu Text

Just adjust it to the version of Office on your computer.

After that, click theoption Text from File. Please select the problematic Word document, then click Insert. If it’s open, check the contents of the document. After that, click Save.

2. Repair Office 2016/2007

Just like the previous discussion, most problems that occur in Word can be resolved by repairing or repairing Office. Before following this method, make sure you close any open Word documents on your laptop.

If so, open the Control Panel then look for Programs and Features and click on the menu. After that, look for the Microsoft Office Professional Plusfile, the file name in each version of Office is different, just look for something similar.

Then right click on the file and select Change. When thetab Change your installation appears, select Repair and click Continue. After the repair process is complete, click Finish, restart your laptop.

3. Disable Add-ins. The next

way to overcome Microsoft Office Word 2016 and 2007 has stopped working is to disable add-ins in Safe Mode. For steps please consider the following explanation

  • First open operating system Run (Windows + R), type winword.exe / a and press Enter
  • After Microsoft Word open, click File in the upper left corner of the screen, select Options,and Add-ins
  • Toggle view Go to the “” columnManage, select COM Add-ins, then click GO.
  • If any Add-ins are checked, delete or disable them all, click OK.

Finally close the Word document, restart the computer if necessary. After that, try to open Microsoft Office Word again to find out if there are still problems or it is normal. If the notification has stopped working still appears, please follow the method below.

4. Remove or Update Printer Drivers

This method may sound strange, but in fact the printer driver can interfere with the performance of Ms Word, so that the running Word program suddenly stops functioning. If you want to follow this method, follow the steps below.

First click thetab Start and open Devices and Printers, then look for a printer connected to your device, if you find it, right click select Remove Device. As for the 2016 version of Office, you can choose to Uninstall Device or Update Driver.



If the four methods above haven’t worked, please update the latest version of Office. But if you are still comfortable with the old version of Office, uninstall it first, then reinstall the Office.

By following the above methods to overcome Microsoft Office Word 2016 and 2007 has stopped working, this problem can be resolved. So that Ms Word on your laptop or computer can operate normally again.

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