How to Export Data from Google Maps

If you have been using Google Maps for a long time to navigate, you may need to export existing data as backups, or use it in other applications.

Fortunately, Google provides an easy option for those of you who want to download data on a Google Map.

Export Data from Google Maps

  1. Go to Your data in Maps page in a web browser.
  2. Scroll down and click the option Download your Maps data.
  3. Choose which data you want to include in the download process. Place a tick on the options Location History, Maps (your places), and My Maps. If you have clicked Next step.
  4. On the menu Delivery method, you can choose where the data will be stored. You can choose it in the form of a direct link via email or send data directly to cloud storage.
  5. In the menu Frequency, select Export once (once) or export periodically in 1 year.
  6. On the File type & size menu, select the file format and size you want. If you have clicked Create export.

  7. Wait for the process for a while (depending on how big the file is to be exported) and you will find a download link to download the Google Maps data file.

  8. Done.
    After the process is complete, you can extract the contents of the file to see the contents of your Google Maps data.

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