Hisense U8G Review

TV viewers will undoubtedly find great pleasure in the excellent picture quality offered by the ULED 4K series. Harnessing industry-leader Hisense U8G LED television; the U8G offers razor-sharp picture clarity and brilliant contrast with Full Array Local Dimming Pro. Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos Audio also enhance the TV’s sound and picture quality; providing Australian consumers with a truly realistic and lifelike experience. Other features include touch screens; automatic channel switching; USB connect; DVR service; DVR card slot; and premium home entertainment applications; such as Netflix; iTunes; and Pandora.


Hisense U8G Review

The high definition television offers incredible picture clarity and brilliant contrast. Because of its advanced picture processing power; the Hisense TV has the ability to offer a super-high quality video. The advanced Quantum Dot technology is the reason behind this. With quantum dots; the U8G’s screen contains millions of tiny; flat crystals; which are lit up using very powerful blue laser light. When electricity passes through the pixels; the light emitted is brilliant; making this type of television one of the most reliable and long lasting of its kind in Australia.

In addition to the superior picture quality; the Hisense U8G series also offers other impressive technologies that enhance picture clarity. One of these technologies is Dolby Vision; which uses off-the-shelf LCD technology to provide a clear; rich; and crisp image quality; especially when displaying extremely large graphics or video scenes. With its optimal blend of smart technology and television design; Dolby Vision makes your viewing experience a true delight. The u8g also includes two additional image processing technologies called Live Picture and Game Picture. The live picture technology allows you to experience true picture clarity and sound thanks to six digital signal processors; and the game picture technology offers you the best quality when watching sporting events; movies; and special effects.

Other amazing features of the Hisense TV include DTS and HDMI technologies. High Definition Audio is also included; along with things like Wi-Fi; Bluetooth; USB ports; and optical audio output. Other great things like built-in speakers; subwoofers; home theater systems; and digital video recording also come standard on the hisense u8g. You can even get a premium digital video recorder with the Hisense TV series. As you can see; there is really a lot to like about this new television from Hisense.

Final Verdict

The product has a compact design, and it comes with an internet connection.

For those who want ultimate picture quality and clarity; the Hisense TV is definitely a must-have. And; it comes standard with all Hisense U8G models; so you have nothing to lose. Other than being able to connect your TV to your computer for support; the screen will remain sharp even at full HD resolution. Also; aside from the standard definition TV; the Hisense U8G is compatible with all HDMI sources; including some high-definition channels.

A big selling point for the Hisense U8G is its compatibility with most HDMI sources. This means that not only can you watch your favorite sports and shows; but you can also connect your home theater system to your television for ultimate home entertainment. However; the Hisense U8G doesn’t have the same panel as the ones found in high-end home theaters. So if you don’t have an elaborate home theater setup; you might want to skip the Hisense TV series and look for something simpler. But if you do have the luxury of a state-of-the-art home theater; then you’ll love the crisp picture quality you get from the Hisense TV.

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