Google Chrome Get Mute Notifications Feature When User Is Doing Screen Share

Google Chrome Get Mute Notifications Feature When User Is Doing Screen Share

Another new feature that has recently been reported is coming to Google Chrome, where this feature is still related to the pandemic that has not ended, work is still being done online via video conferencing, including sharing user screens through tools such as Zoom or Google Meet.

One of the things that might be a drawback when doing a share screen when doing a video conference is the emergence of unexpected notifications, and of course, it’s quite annoying especially if the notification is private or sensitive.

Related to this, in the latest Google Chrome Canary 87, Google has added an Experimental Flag “Mute notifications during screen share ” which, if activated, will be blocked when the user’s screen is being shared via the Video Conference application.


So far it has been reported that the “Mute notifications during screen share ” feature can run well in Google Chrome Canary, it’s just that because it is still under development, there may be bugs or other problems related to this feature.

In addition, according to the Chrome Release schedule, Chrome 87, which is now available on the Canary Channel, will be present and officially released on November 17, 2020, and present with all its new features, including reading Later and “Mute notifications during screen share ”.

Will Edge get the same features? Unfortunately for now there is no further information about this, but because it is both Chromium-based, there is still a possibility that Edge will get the Mute notifications during the screen share feature. However, if you don’t block all notifications, using the Focus Assist feature is highly recommended.

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