Generate Password Feature Now Available on Edge Chromium

One that maybe not only me who will like it, but many other users out there will love it, a feature that has been around for a long time in Firefox since version 76, namely Password Generator is now here on Edge Chromium.

Yep, finally this feature is coming to Microsoft’s new browser, where starting from the latest version of Edge Dev and Canary (version 87.0.634.0 or newer), you can activate (Suggest strong passwords) on the Edge Settings> Password page (edge: // settings / passwords).

If the Google feature has been activated, when you register an account on a certain website, in the password form section, Edge will offer a random password which will then be stored in the browser password database and synchronized with the account you use when logging in to Edge Chromium.

In my opinion, this feature is very useful, because indeed in this modern era, using one password for all accounts in my opinion is not a wise thing, unless you activate the OTP feature, but still even though using a Random Password Generator like this is highly recommended thing.

In addition, even though it is too late compared to Firefox or Google Chrome, it is not a problem as long as this feature is finally present for Edge Chromium.


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