Game Past Cure is an Interactive Action Game

Game Past Cure is an Interactive Action Game

Game Past Cure is an interactive action game that was raised by Phantom. This is a prequel to the hit game Phantom Application dubbed Phantom Trigger: The Beginning. In the game, the now-retired gamer takes control of Ian, a former elite tactical soldier, who has a lot of military experience and is trying to find out his true past. The game Past Cure was first released on February 23, 2020, specifically for Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, for a fee of $ 2.50. Launch on Nintendo Switch was planned but unfortunately, it won’t happen.


In-Game Storyline

As stated in the game’s story, after a tour of duty in the military. Ian was stationed at China’s Zong Military Base. From there, a mysterious attack ensues, killing dozens of soldiers who begin to show amnesia. This forces the player to take control of Ian and travel back in time to complete his mission and save the lives of those lost during the attack. Even though this storyline sounds interesting. The main storyline of this game is quite silly and made up in the implementation.

The game’s controls are quite simple, using the left and right levers to move the selected character. A secondary action button is available for quick shots, which involves holding down a stick to charge up an attack. The platforming elements of the game are well done and look nice and fresh, although there are occasional frame-ups. This is rare, but it’s a great quality to watch out for.


How to Complete Game Past Cure Missions

To complete a level, you have to move from one platform to another. There are some secret areas to be cleared as well but nothing more than that. There are four difficulty levels in the game (easy, medium, difficult, and so on) and after completing the fourth level you unlock the fifth one. I always feel a little frustrated when I reach a goal only to have no further challenges. That’s not a big deal here, because you’ve basically just wasted your life and there’s nothing to do but move on to the next level. The difficulty level is a bit too far between levels, so I recommend getting the hang of it before continuing.

Time travel is a neat feature of Game Past Cure. Allowing players to go back and make changes to events that took place in the game’s past. For example, you might decide to change the outcome of the fight so that you knock out the last opponent on your team. If you fail the fight, you have to start over, but if you succeed. You will defend the ending you have earned. The time travel system used in Game Past Cure is similar to that used in the Portal and Dark Tomorrow games. Where portals appear everywhere and all you have to do is activate them to jump into the past. The use of portals is one of the game’s most innovative features, which could benefit future interactive fiction titles.

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