Game Destruction All Stars A Game For PlayStation 2

Game Destruction All Stars

Game Destruction All Stars is a game for PlayStation 2. Developed by Beenox, the same company that created the popular Ghost Force game series, Game Destruction All-Stars follows in the footsteps of their previous games. The basic concept behind the game is similar to its predecessor. Destroy everything in sight and stay out of the line of fire. However, the change with Game Destruction All Stars is that you will have a wide variety of weapons at your disposal to deal with destruction.


Playable Character The Game

The hero of the game, Gemini, is a cyborg commando-type character who leads an army of soldiers. At first, things are peaceful as Gemini leads his team deep into the underground facility. The only warning that reached Gemini was a transmission from a group of kidnappers. The group, led by an elite soldier, has one demand from Gemini – protecting the planet from planetary threats. As Gemini plunges into battle, he finds himself fighting a trio of dragons, each armed with a different weapon.

As the game progresses, you learn more about the reasons for the communication network shutdown, the reasons why Earth is under threat, and why a mysterious third party is taking over the operation. Throughout the game. And you can learn that the planet is being threatened not by enemy forces. But by unknown organisms that have caused the death of millions of creatures. Once the real causes are revealed, your mission becomes clear – protect the Earth and prevent damage to ecosystems.


Game Destruction All Stars Publisher is a game for the PlayStation 2

Game Destruction All Stars published by Sony Interactive Entertainment using Unreal Engine technology to give a unique spin to the action-adventure genre. What makes the game’s graphics stand out is the fact that the game has a unique color scheme and the game art style is very stylish. The voiceover work is great, with real voices. There is also excessive noise for in-game characters.

The game is played from a first-person perspective. And although the elements of destruction only apply to a few areas. Certain parts of the map become inaccessible after destroying a number of objects. The game progresses through a storyline that begins as you take control of various characters and go through missions and situations. Each level gets more and more challenging as you progress through it.


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